Close encounters with a Gang-Gang family

My neighbours were lucky enough to spot a family of five Gang-Gang Cockatoos land in their backyard – parents and three kiddies. They were skilled enough in modern communication to know you can actually use mobile phones to make, what we oldies would call, phone calls. They summonsed me to, with apologies to Monty Python, curtail my literary activities and high tail it, not to a cheese shop, but to their place.

Talk about cute, and most unconcerned about our presence.

There were some berries left on one large tree:

requiring agility and ingenuity:

IMG_7000 (2)

There were also a few chickpeas which the youngsters were keen to try:

But it was largely a case of just sitting or hanging and being photogenic:

Wonderful birds. We often see the adult pair, but this is the biggest family we have seen here.

Below the photos are in a slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Michael Monaghan

May 2020

One thought on “Close encounters with a Gang-Gang family

  1. Oh, how wonderful! We rarely get to see Gang Gangs in Melbourne, occasionally we have seen them flying overhead with their creaky door call and once we were lucky enough to see them feeding in a cotoneaster bush in our neighbour’s front yard. You have got some great photos!

    Cheers, Caroline


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