Wedgie fun

IMG_6026 (2)I was observant enough, driving slowly the long way home, to spot two Wedge-tailed Eagles enjoying the thermals west of Canberra. They looked young, and seemed to be having fun, rather than  hunting.

The photos are not the best you will ever see, given the distance, but hopefully you will appreciate these magnificent birds.

The first sequence is of one of the two coming in to land on their chosen resting spot:

See below as  a slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I said, they did really seem to be playing and learning as these shots will demonstrate:

And then some shots of them just sailing around, having a great time:

IMG_6068 (2)


IMG_6027 (2)

IMG_6047 (2)

I reckon I better go back to that spot.

Michael Monaghan

May 2020

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