Re-visit 6: Chateau Tahbilk wetlands

At Nagambie, in mid east Victoria ( about 90 minutes north of Melbourne, and just to the west of the Hume Freeway) is a vineyard, Chateau Tahbilk. They have added a great community service to their great community service of great wine. They have built walks along the river, creating a fantastic wetlands.

I first went there in 2016. I re-visited around mid 2019, but like all the Victorian wetlands, there was then no water.

But they should be highly recommended for the infrastructure they are providing for the community and for travellers.

The river provided some of my most memorable river scenes:

IMG_3022 (2)IMG_3020 (2)IMG_3021 (2)

Witnessing the beauty is the purpose-made, in Spain, leather camera bag given to me by my sons:IMG_3097 (2)IMG_3096 (2)

There are some spiders that clearly love it here:

IMG_3093 (2)

And lots of birds, such as White-faced Heron (remember all Egrets are Herons, but only some Herons are Egrets):

IMG_3033 (2)


The Straw-necked Ibis clearly did well here:

IMG_3069 (2)

One of our many brilliant kingfishers, the Azure Kingfisher:

IMG_3073 (2)

A great spot to drop in at on the way to Melbourne. Nice cafe too.

Michael Monaghan

RE-visited May 2020


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