Winter at the Wetlands

Still quiet, and cold, at the Jerrabomberra Wetlands, but signs of spring activity are apparent.

Out of respect for their privacy, I didn’t photograph the Welcome Swallows welcoming each other warmly for spring. Well, I did, but the photos aren’t good enough to post – they are all blue.

Very large numbers of Pink-eared Ducks have been there, including this raft-like group, going around in a circle, feasting on something in there.

Ducks, Pink-earedDucks, Pink-eared2

Pink-eared DucksOther ducks, as well as the omnipresent Pacific Black Ducks, have been Hardheads, usually in close pairs:


Superb fairy-wrens were gathering in several different spots, in their dozens. Seemed to be a good mix of male and female, and some males in the process of putting on there best mating clobber.

Fairy-wren, mFairy-wren, Superb fFairy-wren, Superb m

An Australasian Darter (‘snakebird’ because of the way the neck and head moves when swimming) was drying its feathers, looking a bit pissed off at the pace, because there wasn’t much sight of the sun, and it was still around 4°.



Still warming up were a Spotted Dove and a Black-faced Cuckoo-Shrike.



At one stage, dozens of Silvereyes (race Westernensis) flew noisily in the large trees higher on a dry ridge.



If you were wondering how the Red-rumped Parrot got its name, you are about to find out. The lighter shaded bird is the female. The first male seems to have its wing and tail in a rather contorted position, accentuating the red more than normal.

Parrot, red-rumped m2Parrot, Red-rumped mParrot, Red-rumped f

The next few weeks should see the Wetland and forest livening up to prepare for Summer, which hopefully won’t be the hottest on record, again.

Michael Monaghan

August 2019

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