Focussing on the tulips

Even though I have my own nice tulips, I dropped in to Canberra’s amazing Floriade to see what I could do with some extreme settings.

I took some super close ups with an extender lens, some super low f-stop shots, and then some high f-stops for the mass shots.

Like birds, flowers are amazing in their intracacies.

IMG_3894 (2)IMG_3896 (2)IMG_3900 (2)IMG_3901 (2)IMG_3903 (2)IMG_3904 (2)IMG_3905 (2)IMG_3907 (2)IMG_3908 (2)IMG_3909 (2)IMG_3912 (2)IMG_3918 (2)IMG_3920 (2)IMG_3924 (2)IMG_3925 (2)IMG_3927 (2)IMG_3928 (2)IMG_3929 (2)IMG_3934 (2)IMG_3936 (2)IMG_3936 (3)IMG_3943 (2)IMG_3951 (2)IMG_3952 (2)IMG_3958 (2)By the way, the fluff from the Plane Trees was so bad, that, even if you had started to revise just on the weekend, it is clearly too late, and I regret you will fail the exams.


Michael Monaghan

October 2019

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