Dunne’s Swamp (Ganguddy), Mudgee

IMG_9622The ill-named Swamp is a glorious phenomenon: the rocks reminiscent of the Bungle Bungles, and the Swamp being a small pretty lake formed by the damming of the Cudgegong River in 1920 to provide water for the Kandos cement works (owned by Portland and operating till late 1970s). No doubt it is a special area to the indigenous people who lived here.

The area is populated by large sandstone ranges and weather shaped cone forms.



The entry to the lagoon is through a narrow channel in the sandstone ranges, opening out a la Wilpena Pound into an oasis of magnificent eucalypts and dramatic sandstone forms.  The lake is up to 60 metres deep., so it must have been a seriously dramatic rock valley before it was filled with water.



There were plenty of campers there for the weekend, and it looks a fantastic spot to camp. Ideal for kayaking; there were even a couple of swimmers! Is a must-visit.

Michael Monaghan

November 2018













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