Wetlands action

Lots of water at the Jerrabomberra Wetlands with a couple of reasonable rainfalls lately.

Spring sees a pair of Australasian Grebes building a nice muddy nest in Location, Location, Location.  The male here is really brightly coloured for the task.


The Preening Log saw some unusual activity, with this Long-Necked Turtle and the basking Pacific Black Duck oblivious to each other till “What the duck!”:


Unfortunately, I missed a photo of the duck kicking the turtle off the preening log – not a place for the non-preening types.


Michael Monaghan

November 2018

One thought on “Wetlands action

  1. Nice pictures of the Grebes.

    We have been tracking nesting Tawny Frogmouths at our local wildlife park (Braeside Park). We have photographic records of about 12 pairs and their chicks. The chicks are now getting too big for the nests now and have moved onto the nearby branches. Usually the male sits with the chick during the day and the female sits on a nearby tree. However, we got some full family portraits with both the parents and chicks. Here’ looking at you ………………..

    Cheers, Caroline


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