Mudgee Wetlands


Similar to those in Urunga (see earlier blog), the wetlands in Mudgee have reclaimed industrial wasteland. Clearly lot of great work by volunteers to plant, build hides and picnic tables, and create tracks. Will be a great asset in a few years.

There was a surprising variety of birds for such small area, and so far inland.

The stars were the Black-winged Stilts, with legs so long you wonder they don’t snap:


There were also half a dozen Hooded Dotterells (my first ever sighting of these birds):

IMG_9550 (2)

No surprise to see Australian Ibis or the Royal Spoonbill, but Yellow-billed Spoonbill are much rarer sights:


IMG_9578 (2)TIMG_9580 (2)eIMG_9540 (2)


The mandatory Little Pied Cormorant sat close to a Great Cormorant, a lovely specimen with lots of depth in the plumage colours, both drying out in the sun, well in the dust-laden wind:

IMG_9587 (2)IMG_9589 (2)

Michael Monaghan

November 2018

One thought on “Mudgee Wetlands

  1. Great shots of the spoonbills. However, your Black-fronted Dotterels were actually Hooded Dotterels.

    Cheers, Caroline


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