Spectacular Waterfall Way

Waterfall Way runs from Bellingen to Armidale.  Most of the route is in heavy rainforest, with high sandstone ranges, and, you will be surprised to learn, many waterfalls. The engineering is awesome, highlighted by three sections where the road reverts to single lane over the top of the waterfall, and some stunning cuttings through the sandstone.

One of the road crossings is Newell Falls:

Dangar Falls is in the Dorrigo National Park, just north of Dorrigo:

The cliff face beside the Falls occurred when lava dried, shrinking into the shapes seen here in what is known as “entablature”:Dangar falls entablature

Dorrigo Rainforest Centre provides a lot of walks and the “skywalk” at the visitor centre:

Ebor Falls are just north of Armidale:

IMG_9392 (2)IMG_9393 (2)IMG_9394 (2)IMG_9399 (2)IMG_9403 (2)IMG_9404 (2)IMG_9405 (2)IMG_9500 (2)IMG_9501 (2)IMG_9504A great part of the world, with spectacular natural and man-made phenomena.


Michael Monaghan

November 2018

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