Gulgong is just north west of Mudgee in mid west New South Wales.  Built on the late 19th century goldrush and Henry Lawson, one of Australia’s greatest authors, the town has three sizeable streets which are unusually narrow. Most shops seem occupied, and many buildings well preserved, but many also need a coat (or three) of paint.

The Prince of Wales Opera House (image 5) dates from 1871, and is said to be one of the oldest opera houses in Australia.


Henry Lawson’s childhood home is half way between Gulgong and Mudgee, on the Henry Lawson Drive.

I can’t believe how many expensive signs you see with blatant typing and structural issues. This one would have cost a fair bit and is in prime place.


If you look closely, you can see these red-rumped parrots hanging on for their lives in the extremely strong dust-ladened winds.



Michael Monaghan

November 2018

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