Gannets and seals – but no whales

IMG_8646 (2)

Down at Green Cape, south of Eden NSW, is a rugged site for an 1873 lighthouse.

Dozens of Australasian Gannets were heading north. Later that afternoon we saw several “rafts” of gannets in Twofold Bay, a typical behaviour to trick the sharks into thinking it is a beast too big to tackle, whilst the gannets wait for sunset to head to their real night home. The lighter ones are the kiddies.

IMG_8633 (3)IMG_8686 (2)IMG_8635 (2)IMG_8636 (3)IMG_8642 (4)IMG_8644 (2)IMG_8646 (2)IMG_8661 (2)IMG_8676 (3)IMG_8680 (2)

We also spotted a group of about 20 fur seals also floating as a raft off the rocks.

No whale sightings. I did also spot a male lyrebird and a massive goanna. Is a lovely drive down to Green Cape.

Michael Monaghan

Nov 3, 2018

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