Idyllic cricket ground for comeback of star Australian fast bowlers

I was lucky enough to notice a news article advising that two of our best fast bowlers would be playing at a local Canberra cricket oval as the final step in their comeback from back injury.  Mind you, the ground was so local that it didn’t appear on google maps nor in my old style hard copy mapbook.

When i did find it, it turned out to be in a wonderful spot, set high with an oval sloping gracefully down from the pitch, trees at one end, and the wonderful Brindabella Ranges to the west. Lovely white picket fence just set it off.

Pat Cummins looked fantastic, but I thought Josh Hazelwood was collapsing a bit into his final release, a common issue with back injuries.

Anyway, here are the photos.

First, Pat Cummins; then secondly, Josh Hazelwood:




We sort of need them back!


Michael Monaghan

October 2018

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