Kanangra Walls are over 130m high. We are over 1000m above sea level here, about 50 km south of Oberon, and 30 km on seriously pot-holed gravel south of Jenolan Caves. The high point of the road over the Great Dividing Range just near the Caves is 1365m. The low point of the road is the bottom of the potholes.

However, like in many hard to get to places, the forest is fantastic and the scale of the cliffs and the Kanangra Drop (the next photo) is breathtaking.

IMG_6612The main Sydney water supply, Lake Burragarong, is over between the second and third ranges, and entry into the area is prohibited. I went there later and it is subject of a separate post.


Spotted a couple of yet to be identified lizards:


Boyd’s Crossing, over a very bedraggled creek, provided a free camping ground in a grand forest. The alleged abundant fauna must have been on their rostered day off. Just a pair of Scarlet Robins and a Grey Fantail.

This is the female Robin:


And this the male:

And the Grey Fantail:


Michael Monaghan, accompanied by his trusty camera bag:


IMG_6641I like this photo.




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