FLAT ROCK RESERVE, between Oberon and O’Connell


Why it is called “Flat Rock Reserve” is anyone’s guess.

Raintree Creek runs into the Fish River ,which is a sizeable river running north of Oberon towards Bathurst.

This Yellow Faced Honeyeater had great trouble disposing of this pernickety moth:


The Dollarbird chick made sure everyone knew it was hungry:

A pair of Willy Wagtails seemed to be having quite a discussion about something important. He probably didn’t get the colour matching in the nest right.

A Noisy Friar Bird was actually pretty quiet.


Hard to identify, but the top one is a male Satin Flycatcher; and the lower one is a Varied Sitella.  Both identifications thanks to a genius taxonomist friend.

And this one:

IMG_6548Finally a lovely Red Browed Finch:


Michael Monaghan

One thought on “FLAT ROCK RESERVE, between Oberon and O’Connell

  1. Actually, I think the second unidentified bird is a “Varied Sitella” There is a good picture of one similar to yours on P.290 of the “Readers Digest Photographic Field Guide of the Birds of Australia”. Published by the Australian Museum by Jim Flegg and Steve Madge.

    Cheers, Caroline


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