Life and death at the Wetlands

The family of Pacific Black Ducks was relocated here a week ago. Mum and Dad with nine ducklings were, by a ranger , found wandering along Parkes Way. A few days ago there were only five ducklings; but today, alas, only three. A Sparrowhawk was seen yesterday trying to snatch one, so presumably birds of prey have succeeded over this time. At least the ones left are learning how to scratch on a log.

The highlight was the family of Red Rumped Parrots. First time I have seen them there, and first time I have seen them drinking, with dad guarding.

IMG_6275 This pelican had clearly not seen them before, and was having a “what on earth are you” moment.

As is fairly common there was a White-Faced Heron, some Royal Spoonbills and some Cattle Egret.

Unusually large numbers of White-Plumed Honeyeaters were frolicking

The pair of Dollarbirds were having a chat, probably about the fall in Wall Street. The juvenile is babbling on, and the adult looks alarmed.

IMG_6219There was also a Red Wattlebird, which of course, should really be called the “redwattle bird”.


Michael Monaghan

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