Jerrabomberra Wetlands

I felt like they were all keeping an eye on me today. There’s that bloke again!


These Pacific Black Ducklings weren’t here three days ago. The parents made sure they kept together, and well away from the White-faced Heron.


The Heron seemed to be catching enough fish to keep it occupied.


This Pelican certainly was.


There was an unusually large number of Silvereyes.


Also plenty of young grey fantails.


This took many shots to land (sic).


The Dollarbird sat in his usual place, over recent days anyway, and the Pied Cormorant looked a different one to a few days ago, much more colour on the neck and on the body.


Reed Warblers were also about.


Today’s puzzles are this one which looks I think like a very young Black-Faced Cuckoo-Shrike:


and this one which looks like a Striated Thornbill (it was certainly early enough to get the worm):




Michael Monaghan

One thought on “Jerrabomberra Wetlands

  1. Hi Michael,

    Liked your latest picture of the silvereyes. Very nice close ups. Also nice to see pictures of the juvenile Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike.

    However, I am pretty sure that your “white-browed scrub wren” is a juvenile “grey fantail”. White-browed scrub wrens have a distinctive yellow eye, the grey fantail has a plain brown/black eye, a short white stripe before the eye, another behind the eye and a white throat. The tail has distinctive white shafts and there are white tips to the coverts. The tail is also longer and the wing has that characteristic “dropped” posture. The immatures of the grey fantail are much browner than the adults with rufous tinges.

    Cheers, Caroline


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