Jerrabomberra Wetlands

As always, more to see at the Wetlands.

Three Dollarbirds (I got change out of a fiver) this time, the two adults looking much the same, with the blue neck, and the juvenile, without the blue.

A brief glimpse of a European Goldfinch with lots of colour, and baby Little Pied Cormorant in the trees.

A rare sighting for me anyway of a pair of Little Black Cormorants, the male with the so-called “nuptial” white plume behind the neck. The look very seal-like.

The Latham’s Snipe obliged by being on my side of the water for the first time.


Lastly, a juvenile Pacific Black Duck learning how to fish, and a Spotted Dove.

Michael Monaghan


One thought on “Jerrabomberra Wetlands

  1. Very nice to capture the pair of Little Black Cormorants in their nuptial dress and excellent shots of Latham’s snipe.

    Cheers, Caroline


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