Re-visit 8: Victoria River cruise, Timber Creek NT

Just a quick re-visit to the top western corner of the Northern Territory, because we were close up with some magnificent birds of prey on this river trip. They were being delivered fresh fish to “catch” in the water, but that did give you a chance to see their hunting glory.

Not that one would ever think of swimming up this way even in 38°, but a reminder near by:

IMG_4932 (2)

The White-bellied Sea-eagles, being amongst the most photogenic birds, were fantastic to watch. There were three or four, including this juvenile:

IMG_4952 (2)

The adults were in full flight (sic):


IMG_4940 (2)

and enjoyed their “catch”:
IMG_5018 (2)

Black Kites were also around, with the concave tail that sets them apart from other kites:

This bird struggled to eat on the wing:

IMG_4953 (2)

And then there was a random Blue-faced Honeyeater to round things off:

Honeyeater, blue-faced ssp cyanotis


Michael Monaghan

Re-visited May 2020

One thought on “Re-visit 8: Victoria River cruise, Timber Creek NT

  1. Yes, they’re very impressive, crocs and sea eagles. When we were in the Masai Mara we watched a large herd of Wildebeest and Zebra cross the Mara River. There were many crocodiles in the water waiting for them but fortunately when we watched we did not see any taken. The wildebeest did wait a long time before getting enough courage up to make the crossing.

    Cheers, Caroline


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