A domestic bird hide idea

An unanticipated bonus in the garage clean up day: having re-discovered my work bench at the back of the large garage ( I haven’t been able to get to it for some years), I thought, if I cleaned the windows I would be looking right into the prime bird area.

The windows almost shattered in the unexpected attention. I have never cleaned them, so that is about 9422 days, give or take a leap year. Turns out the glass is a bit iffy, so I might have to invest post lock-down in better glass.


Rewarded in no time by a male Satin Bowerbird, so soon I didn’t even have the camera set up. But he returned, and the camera was ready. I have to work on allowing for the glass.

IMG_5785 (2)IMG_5788 (2)

For the first time since I planted the olives, I now have proof as to why I never seem to get any.

IMG_5747 (2)IMG_5740 (3)IMG_5738 (2)

I moved one of the birdbaths up here, and that too had an immediate impact.

IMG_5775 (2)IMG_5773 (2)IMG_5771 (2)

Two pests sharing notes – the bowerbird and the indian (common) myna:

IMG_5753 (2)IMG_5751 (2)

Other visitors also dropped in. First was an adult Crimson Rosella:

IMG_5769 (2)

and a kiddie, a motley looking one, but fitting in with the autumn leaves:

IMG_5776 (2)

Lots of fun for the first hour after the brilliant idea. Plenty of room for improvement from here. Like, it’s not like I am going anywhere else.

Michael Monaghan

April 18, 2020


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