Up close with Nankeen Night Herons

Since I have only ever seen two individual Nankeen Night Herons before, and they were some considerable distance away, I thought it worth highlighting the excitement of seeing three, all in one huge Elm.  Thanks to a fellow walker who spotted them.

As is usual, they kept very very still. I believe they can sit totally still for hours at a time. They were very keen to observe us too.

The first set are of two birds which were adult but non-breeding.


A while later, we noticed a third bird, which turned out to be a breeding adult. This is evidenced by the twin white plumes from the back of the head.


The light was unusually kind, with a clear blue sky and the sun shining through the massive canopy to give the birds a lovely colour.

Michael Monaghan

March 2019

One thought on “Up close with Nankeen Night Herons

  1. Yes, nice to see them so close-up. I liked your reed warblers too, normally they are so hard to photograph as they are constantly moving through the tall reeds.

    Cheers, Caroline


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