Scotts (no apostrophe) Creek, NW Otways, South-west Victoria.

Whoever created the European names for all the places around here must have decided the apostrophe was more trouble than it was worth – none to be seen.

Trees are nearly as scarce as apostrophes, it being grazing land. But nearby there were Yellow Robins, and a Yellow-rumped Thornbill (last of the four).




This looks like a Eurasian Skylark, also my first sighting, being very similar to the Bushlark but with a much longer tail.

IMG_0709.JPGThe sunrises were spectacular indeed:


Nearby at Timboon, a foodies delight, there is one of the several wooden trestle rail bridges still standing across Victoria. Built in the late 19th century it is in good nick, although there are no rail tracks anymore.


IMG_0690Peterborough, where the Curdies (no apostrophe) River doesn’t actually run into the ocean at the moment, has many spectacular sandstone rocks suffering the same inevitable erosive fate of the no-longer-twelve apostles. I called on Peter from Peterborough but he was on the phone, I assume to the Coulda Been Champions.




One thought on “Scotts (no apostrophe) Creek, NW Otways, South-west Victoria.

  1. Hi Michael,

    I hope you enjoyed the hot weather last week!! We went to a wedding up in the Yarra Valley and had to be diverted because of the bushfires!

    Your first three pictures are of the Eastern Yellow Robin (not of a thornbill). The fourth could be a Yellow-rumped Thornbill and the last three bird pictures are of a female House Sparrow, not of a lark, Eurasian or otherwise (see P. 312 of Slater’s Australian Birds).

    Cheers, Caroline


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