Flat-rock beach in Ballina NSW

Flat rock beach is a beach, with some flat rocks. At low tide, it is a great place for shore birds to gather. At high tide, it isn’t.


This is a breeding male Darter (snake-bird) taking a rest out of the water.



This is a Grey-tailed Tattler (first three) and the last is  Reef-Heron:



There were dozens of the Pacific Golden Plovers:



The Ruddy Turnstone is similar but with reddish legs and and a dark band across the chest. The darker head and chest is the breeding male:

IMG_8962 (3)IMG_9111 (2)IMG_9150 (2)


This photo shows the Turnstone (left) and the Plover together:

IMG_8966 (4).JPG

This pair of Rainbow Bee-eaters have made a nest in the sand bank on the path down to the beach.


They would gradually scratch the hole deeper and deeper with their claws, throwing the sand back and out as they went. The nest is just to the left of the heads.



The Caspian Terns don’t bother with a nest and brazenly create new Terns, much to the consternation of their mate in front, whose hair really is standing on end”

IMG_9127 (2)IMG_9158 (3)IMG_9156 (2)IMG_9153 (2)And finally a pod of dolphins wandered past:

IMG_9084 (2)

Michael Monaghan

11-17 November 2018

3 thoughts on “Flat-rock beach in Ballina NSW

  1. Great shots of the Rainbow bee-eaters! We saw lots of them up at Hervey Bay just recently. However, your Bar-tailed Godwits are not Godwits. Godwits have very long, slightly upturned bills which are grey and pinkish at the base and their legs are slender and dark grey to black. Your photos are most likely to be Grey- tailed Tattlers ………… which have robust yellow legs and a shortish robust, dark grey bill. I think photo: IMG_8955 looks like the back view of a Reef-Heron (note long yellow beak and slender legs).


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