Bold Park, Perth

In an inspired move, they decided in the 1990s to preserve this large area of bushland, near the coast, about 15km north east of Perth city. It is named after the longest serving Town Clerk of Perth.

Again, birds were fairly hard to come by despite the lovely varied forest. Still managed to capture a few in action.

Red-tailed Black Cockatoos – these looked like kiddies and seemed to be calling for the big people to come back.

This young Rainbow Lorikeet was hiding deep in the bushes for a preening session.

The White-cheeked Honey-eater was particularly photogenic against the white and yellow of the banksia.

A first sighting, this time of a Striated (black headed) Pardalot, race Substriatus.

There were lots of Brown Honey-eaters, so luckily we finally identified the one that hangs around this garden.

This Black-faced Cuckoo-Shrike certainly was going to make sure the poor caterpillar was real dead – I mean there is nothing worse than eating a live one is there.

Finally a couple still to be positively identified (although i suspect the last one is a baby Striated Pardalote).

IMG_9643 Michael Monaghan

11 April 2018

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