Wireless Hill Park, Perth, birds and flowers

Pretty quiet in the park today. We didn’t see many different birds but there were two birds I have not seen before.

First, the Western Wattle Bird, bereft of a wattle:


Then the White Cheeked Honeyeater, which was very similar to the New Holland Honeyeater, but with no “chest hairs” and a much bigger white circle below the eyes:


Wally here shows how well camouflaged they are.

IMG_9416 Brown Honeyeaters are widespread but I haven’t seen them before:



Also the Western Corella is unique to just around Perth and south east of here. The jury is out on whether it is a little corella – but my expert friend says it is so the jury may well have to yield.


Not so newly sighted were the ubiquitous Rainbow Lorikeet:


Also plenty of the Laughing (Turtle) Doves, unique to just this tiny corner of WA:IMG_9459There were many bushes in flower, especially many types of banksia:



Lastly our own garden visitor, a brown honey-eater. It almost never deviates on its visit – in from the bushes about 20 metres away, always lands first on this plant hanger, then grabs some insects from under the shade cloth, then heads to some closer bushes on the side and back through the bushes to the starting point.



IMG_9474Michael Monaghan

April 7, 2014


One thought on “Wireless Hill Park, Perth, birds and flowers

  1. Hi Michael,

    The pictured dove is a “Laughing Turtle-Dove”; I think your “Western Corella” is a common old variety “Little Corella”, the lower beak does not seem long enough to be a “Western Corella”. I think your unknown garden visitor is another “Brown Honeyeater”. The give away is the “edges of wing feathers washed greenish yellow” which you illustrate in your picture very nicely.


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