Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

IMG_8089At 56 metres above sea level, this is the highest lighthouse in mainland Australia, and the third highest in Australia. It is still operational.


I am not sure how they work this out, but this is the line which divides the Southern from Indian Ocean. IMG_8106It is a treacherous stretch of water with lots of rocky outcrops.

These Australasian Pippets were very well camouflaged.

The waters were treacherous, and so was the land. This huge Tiger Snake was inches from the path. It was interesting to watch it very deliberately bashing one side of the bush with its tail, presumably to entice the prey to run – one last time – the wrong way.

IMG_8101Finally, adding to my collection of signs, and showing how hard it is to get a simple sign clear, how could they leave in an emergency if the door had to still be close


Michael Monaghan

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