Canberra Zoo

I did a Canon Collective refresher at the excellent Canberra Zoo and Aquarium.

Names of some of these critters to come.

This first one is an amazonian red tailed python.



The otters certainly had the “Please sir, they haven’t fed me in days” look perfected.

And the white lions (they actually are defectively coloured real lions), knew they were photogenic.


But when it came to the treat, there was no doubt who was boss. He didn’t really want it anyway, he just wanted his tummy rubbed.

IMG_7711IMG_7713This bloke just wanted to sell me something. Luckily I have perfected the art of having no idea what tv ads are for.

IMG_7748These “lower order” apes still seemed clued up when it came to getting food out of a jar. But it would take a month of Sundays to quench a thirst a handful at a time.


This little fella certainly knew how to pout when the food ran out.  He clearly thinks that is the end of the food forever.

IMG_7787The ostriches were quite inquisitive.



The zebra also seemed to know they were good fodder for photographers trying to improve their depth of field.



They say that every zebra’s coat is unique. So these two are indeed different in the detail.


This white rhino’s snoring stirred up quite a storm. I am happy to leave it to you to tell him.


A lot of animals did seem expectant re the next feed.



Speaking of photogenic, the penguins certainly stole the show there.

IMG_7880IMG_7875IMG_7881IMG_7882 (2)IMG_7888IMG_7890 (2)

It was a great opportunity to improve the short depth of field.

Michael Monaghan

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