Mayfield Garden, Oberon

This is the largest private cool climate garden in Australia, and one of the biggest in the world.  I wondered about the cool climate bit as I wandered about in 36 degrees.

It is very much a european built on classical lines with heavily stylised water features and plant beds. It is pretty amazing though, especially the water in an otherwise deadly dry environment.

The water was peppered with water lilies.

Most large plants, like rhododendrons, were not in flower. There were critters aplenty.

A pair of breeding Australasian Grebe were building a nest. Well, he was, and she was providing useful advice on to where leaves should be moved. I am sure the last picture shows him rolling his eyes.


IMG_6455Being an unusual creation, unusual visitors feature. Not sure how often you see Little Pied Cormorant at 1100m in the middle of arid grassland.

On the other hand, apparently European Goldfinch are often found around, well, european gardens.

Looking forward to checking out more natural bushland tomorrow.


Michael Monaghan


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