Tatura, a small, but typical, central Victorian town, is an interesting mixture.

The region was home to many interred people of Italian nationality during World War II. Many of those Italians made Tatura home, and others brought their families back here in post-war migration.

Many people of German nationality died during the two World Wars in Australia, whilst held in camps. It was decided to honour them in a German cemetery, built just outside Tatura next to the main cemetery. The burials include 214 German people brought from cemeteries elsewhere in Australia, 36 from Tatura cemetery, and over a hundred missionaries.

Tatura, in common with many towns in this productive fruit and vegetable growing region, is supplied by a range of diversions of the Goulburn River, including the Goulburn weir.

To add to the continental flavour, many buildings feature impressive Italianate architecture, such as the Sacred Heart school and church buildings.

Michael Monaghan April 2022


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