Brunswick Heads Revisited

IMG_7672 (2)

A relaxing couple of hours on the Brunswick River at Brunswick Heads. Brunswick Heads Revisited would be a good title for a film – oh yes, it was; one of the unheralded John Clarke early gems.

As always plenty of Australian Pelicans:

IMG_7654 (3)A family of Brahminy Kites graced us:

Royal Spoonbills and Great Egrets seem happy enough together:

IMG_7688 (2)IMG_7685 (2)IMG_7675 (2)IMG_7698 (2)IMG_7690 (2)Some arty poses from the Spoonbills:


IMG_7697 (2)IMG_7695 (2)IMG_7692 (2)

Some White-headed Stilts doing their thing:

IMG_7720 (2)IMG_7721 (3)IMG_7722 (3)No sign of the Ospreys, but the classic precarious nest was high up in a dead tree:


IMG_7683 (2)

To cap it off, as we neared port, a young White-bellied Sea Eagle drifted across above us:

IMG_7741 (2)

A relaxing couple of hours. Thanks to Byron Bay Cruises. (

Michael Monaghan

27 august 2018


2 thoughts on “Brunswick Heads Revisited

  1. Interesting question. There seems some international difference on whether they are a sub-species of black-winged, whether they are to be called pied stilts; or whether they are now a separate species. i only have CSIRO book here and they say now called White-Headed Stilt.


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