Wetlands mud and colour


This Welcome Swallow was still in shock at the damage done by someone(s) in a 4WD who had removed a large rock at the edge of the carpark and then skidded wildly over about 250 sqms of grassland turning it into a quagmire!

Still, lots to like further in.

The Black Swans are now in nest building mode, so I guess we now know what was going on the other day.  A brief recap:IMG_0416

The male is probably the right one, being a bit larger.IMG_0469

Some White-plumed Honeyeaters:

Seemed to be a lot of ALGBs (annoying little grey birds), but turned out to be at least three species.

Yellow-rumped Thornbills:

Red-browed Finch:

and Superb Fairy-wren:

Michael Monaghan

18 June 2019


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