Bush birds of south-west Western Australia

Staying in the middle of a Marri and Karri forest is certainly great for birdlife; improved further by feeders.

These Baudin’s (Long-Billed) Cockatoos are unique to this tiny corner of Australia.

The Fairy Wrens are Splendid Fairy Wrens, very common down here and also in a belt through the NSW and South Australian deserts.  The are pretty cute the way they cuddle up and preen each other.


Red-Wattle Birds, New Holland Honeyeaters,  and Brown Honeyeaters contribute to the cacophony.


There are also lots of White-Browed Scrub-wrens, 28s (ring-necked parrots) and Silver Eyes.


The Western Spinebill is also unique to this corner; it has a more decorated front than the Eastern Spinebill.


Michael Monaghan

One thought on “Bush birds of south-west Western Australia

  1. Beautiful! I have not seen the Karri forests but it looks beautiful. And what a great selection of bird photos. Nice.


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