Jindabyne to Canberra via Dalgety, Middlingbank Rd, Adaminaby and Boboyan Road


Found 10 km from Dalgety on the Dalgety-Jindabyne Road is the Boloco Anglican Church, built in 1871, presumably so travellers could escape the bitter winds.


Six kilometers up Boboyan Road is this nice spot on the Murrumbidgee. It is unmarked, so you have to note the short track off the road. Unusually for the Murrumbidgee, there is a lot of exotic tree, reed and water lily growth. It is totally clear water.



The much photographed range from Hospital Hill lookout is still worth a look each trip.  And so far I can’t determine why it is called Hospital Hill, except that there is a Hospital Creek below; which doesn’t help because I also can’t find why it is called Hospital Creek.




The highlight was coming across a huge Wedge-tailed Eagle about 2 km north of Hospital Hill lookout:



Michael Monaghan

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