Mount Annan Australian Botanic Gardens

IMG_6868Mount Annan is another great attempt at establishing an iconic Australian garden. It is off Narellan Road just on the other side of the Hume from Campbelltown.

Mostly it is dry newish forest although the forest on the mount itself is dense and mature.

Today the action was around the two small lakes, with little to be seen in the forests. There were a lot of noisy miners, and noisy minors, which may have sent the birds further afield.

Royal Spoonbills were fishing vigorously:

There were plenty of White Australian Ibis:


The ubiquitous White Faced Heron was quietly fishing in the background:

Just out of the corner of my eye I spotted well camouflaged movement, and it was an adult (with the full black necktie) and juvenile Black Fronted Dotterels:

IMG_6854Ducks ain’t oils, as they say, and it is worth looking closely to distinguish them. This is a breeding male Australian Wood Duck.

IMG_6847There were also a number of breeding Australasian Grebes and some non-breeding – in the last photo the yellow patch behind the beak is absent.

IMG_6848IMG_6849IMG_6860A Little Black Commorant was one of the birds drying its wings:

IMG_6838And lastly, the classic Australasian Grebe send-off:


Michael Monaghan


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