More Jerra Wetlands

No matter how many times you go there, you often see something new. Today I nearly saw the elusive Eastern Koel, hearing the three calls – the common Cooee sound, the rolling male call and the stark female call.

But I did see, for my first time ever, the Dollar Bird. There was a pair high on the wires, and this one was, perhaps, hunting/gathering, flying in and out of the wetland reeds.

Some old favourites were in abundance, such as this female superb fairy-wren and the breeding Australasian Grebe.

First sighting this summer of the Royal Spoonbill, which spent over 30 minutes mining the shallows.


This Pacific Black Duck seemed to be auditioning for Lady Macbeth – out damned spot!



First sighting this summer too of a White-Faced Heron, searching intently for some poor little chick, and having failed to clean the last meal off his beak.


Keep going back knowing how often there is something different out and about there.


Michael Monaghan

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