Rare sightings at the Jerrabomberra Wetlands.

At the Wetlands today, on an overcast cool day, there was a range of birds I have never seen there before plus some hard to spot little fellas.

The winner is a rare shot of a Nankeen Night Heron which got flushed out of hiding by the amorous activities of the Purple Swamphens. I never would have seen it otherwise, as they sit so still for hours on end. Got a couple of good shots before it moved just a fraction further in and became again invisible. I have seen one before there a couple of years ago.

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a very small something high on a branch. It turned out to be a European GoldFinch, which I have never seen anywhere before.

It is easy to dismiss the ducks as just ‘the ducks’, but there are so many different ones. It was the first time I had spotted the Freckled Duck.

An unusually coloured grebe I later identified as a breeding Australasian Grebe. The bright attractive yellow cheek spot is the giveaway.



Hard to photo little fellas include in order: welcome swallow; white-browed scrubwren; yellow thornbill; and red-browed finch.




A great spot, and with a bit of patience there is always lots happening.



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